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"A Muscular Woman"
Kaiba ep 6
The title card of the episode.
Season one, Episode six
Vital statistics
Air date May 15, 2008
Written by Masaaki Yuasa
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
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"Abipa, The Utopian Planet" "The Man Who Doesn't Stay in Memories"

"A Muscular Woman" is the sixth episode of Kaiba.


The freight ship Kaiba and Vanilla are on is headed to a planet named Lolo, where the memories of the living and the dead are gathered and stored in the galaxy's the largest memory tank. Whilst landing, the freight ship collides with another smaller ship, resulting in the latter crashing into the planet. Kaiba is worried and decides to investigate the crash site, finding an old couple receiving some help from a strange woman in a man’s body.


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