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"Abipa, The Utopian Planet"
Kaiba ep5
The title card of the episode.
Season one, Episode five
Vital statistics
Air date May 8, 2008
Written by Eun Young Choi, Masaaki Yuasa
Directed by Eun Young Choi, Masaaki Yuasa
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"Grandma's Room of Memories" "A Muscular Woman"

"Abipa, The Utopian Planet" is the fifth episode of Kaiba.


Kaiba (Still in Chroniko's body) is now on a rich planet known as Abipa, where people can buy artificial bodies. Due to some unforeseen circumstances; Kaba is taken to a junk factory. On the way to get his body back, Kaiba learns about the famous body designer Patch and his pet dog Quilt.

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