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"Grandma's Room of Memories"
The title card of the episode.
Season one, Episode four
Vital statistics
Air date May 1, 2008
Written by Michio Mihara, Masaaki Yuasa
Directed by Michio Mihara, Masaaki Yuasa
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"Chroniko's Boots" "Abipa, The Utopian Planet"

"Grandma's Room of Memories" is the fourth episode of Kaiba.


On a strange small planet, Kaiba is in Chroniko's body, being followed by Vanilla. After using his hippo body Kaba to lose Vanilla, Kaiba is dragged off by an old woman (Simply dubbed "Grandma") who fills in the hole in his hippo body. Her grandsons, Bori and Kera, speak of a treasure she and her late husband Grandpa hid somewhere. After Grandma falls asleep, the two brothers urge Kaiba to go inside her memories to uncover clues about the treasure's whereabouts.


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