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Fun times with Parm


Parm is a character in Kaiba. Butter is her father.



Parm has yellow eyes and color blocked pink and violet hair styled in pigtails. She wears a plum colored, bell-shaped garment over a matching leotard and arm covers. In a flashback she appears as a young child, recognizable by her pigtails and bell-shaped coat.


Parm is highly sensual, clever, and cool, but has unresolved issues with father and a sad childhood backstory. Her traumatic abandonment as a child continues to influence her as an adult.


Parm is abandoned as a young child by her father, Butter.

Episode appearancesEdit

Parm deal

Popo and Parm making a deal

"The Name is Warp"Edit

Parm is commissioned by Popo to help Kaiba (then un-named) escape the pursuers chasing him. She agrees, hides Kaiba under her coat, and smuggles him aboard the passenger ship Neuron.


Parm instructs Kaiba to stow himself in a hippopotamus body and hide in the luggage section as a stowaway. Parm takes his body into an elaborate sensual cabin. She inserts a copy of her memories into Kaiba's body and masturbates using her new "twin." She does this very intensely and ignores the pleasure room's automated warnings. After saying "I'm going to shatter. . .I am going to die," Parm explodes, green blood splattered throughout cabin.
Butter + parm

Parm hugging her dad Butter

Parm has a flashback to her childhood being abandoned by her father, Butter. She chases after him pleading to not be left behind. He looks at her and scurries away. When she comes back to herself she sees him hiding in the closet and as she rises to her climax and with tears in her eyes calls him an "old lecher." But at the last moment, there is a flash of her again as the small girl catching him at last.
Afterwards Kaiba (whose body is still being used by Parm's halved memories) lies to the arriving authorities that she is Parm herself. Vanilla, the ship's sheriff, argues that copied memories always say that, and he accuses the Parm copy of murder. The Captain tries to begin an investigation but is interrupted as Kaiba and Hyohyo make their escape, Vanilla in pursuit. Later the captain searches her memories to determine if she is the original or copy and finds a series of erotic magazines with images of Parm on the covers.

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