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Popo is a central character in the animation, Kaiba.

Abilities & AffiliationsEdit

Popo is a powerful public speaker. His confidence in and determination to realize the efforts of Issoudan, in order to fulfill his childhood promise, allow him to continually increase his standing in the organization.


Popo has medium brown eyes and brown hair styled in a tall pompadour. He wears a red bodysuit with tan elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots. Popo's eyebrows are almost always furrowed, and he is usually frowning.


Portrait of a popo as a young boy lol

Photo of young Popo

Popo has an undisclosed illness as a child. His mother sells her body, without Popo's knowledge, to earn money to purchase a new, healthy body for him. He resents his mother, believing she abandoned him. Popo is recruited with a large group of orphaned children by Issoudan. He befriends Neiro and Cheki and promises to become a king so they can live happily together (and so Cheki can eat nippos every day.)


Popo is manipulative and very confident in his beliefs and opinions. He is fiercely loyal to his childhood friends Cheki and Neiro but demonstrates his devotion in ways that damage these relationships.

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