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"The Name is Warp"
Kaiba ep1
The title card of the episode.
Season one, Episode one
Vital statistics
Air date April 10, 2008
Written by Masaaki Yuasa
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
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"The Name is Warp" is the first episode of Kaiba.


A young man awakens in a ruined room, when all of a sudden he is saved from being eaten. Having no memory of himself, he finds himself in a community of people, with a boy trying to find his brother who had his memory chip eaten by a Skonk. He later becomes acquainted with the person who saved him named Popo, who helps him escape into space.


Kaiba awakens in a hole in a wall. He notices the locket around his neck and opens it, revealing a blurry, smiling picture of an unknown woman. After closing it, he notices a clean circular hole straight through his chest.

His attention turns to the world around him, and he watches as civilians are subjected to their memories being forcibly taken from them. A man comes into the room with a large blasting gun and is visibly startled when he notices Kaiba is awake.

The man, Popo, asks if he's alright. When a ship approaches the hole in the wall, Popo takes aim. A bird rushes into the window and pushes Kaiba out of the way. The bird (Hal) carries Kaiba out of the room on its back.

They're chased as Hal runs through the underworld. Hal tosses Kaiba onto a something resembling a watermill, only with sludge, and runs off to distract the enemies.

Kaiba rolls onto a walkway and watches in amazement as one of the Skonks is caught in a trap and many humans come out to attack it. After it's subdued, a small boy starts taking the memories out in order to find which one is his brother.

Popo arrives soon afterwards and escorts Kaiba through the underworld. When Kaiba is ambushed, Popo helps Kaiba stowaway onto a ship, saying it's too risky for the Issoudan to protect him.

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